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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Oops I did it again....

Jen is knocked up again. I am pretty sure that it is mine too!!!! Guess I need to come up with a new name for the blog.

Introducing baby boy Jumalon #2.

To celebrate, Vincent went bowling. His technique is a bit unorthodox.

Bowling from jennifer on Vimeo


Wednesday, May 21, 2008



24 months. I really cannot believe how fast the past 2 years have gone. And despite all of Vince's efforts, mama and papa are still alive, and generally healthy. Honestly, we both feel truly blessed to have this little man. And although the crushing has been severe at times, its hard to imagine a life without him. Seriously, how could anyone live without having a daily argument about why you have to wear pants when you go outside. or explaining to someone why they can't just sit in a diaper full of poop.

But there is also the funny stuff; A few weeks ago, it was him counting out loud "uno, dos, tres, quatro, ocho, nueve, ocho". Or maybe the other day, when he saw mama pull the ice cream out of the freezer "oooh, I like it". Or just today it was him pointing at the TV and looking at me "papa, Dora...go"

But enough with the pleasantries. Lets see what Vince can do now that he couldn't do 12 months ago

1) A 2 year old can have a birthday party at the swimming pool.

If you'll recall, last year we had a birthday party in the backyard. The temperature was a little on the cool side and the kids nearly got hypothermia. This year, Vince graduated to the neighborhood pool. The temperature was a little on the cool side and the kids nearly got hypothermia. A wise aggie once told me, "2 and 3 yr olds are like polar bears, they have no idea what hypothermia means"

I only pasted a few below. Click here for more birthday pictures.

2) A 2 year old can teach a 1 year old about the concept of "mine"

I'm terribly sorry Chloe, I'm looking at this at the moment, would you mind waiting for one or two minutes. Thank you

Mine from jennifer on Vimeo

3) A 2 year old can hunt for Easter eggs....
....or wander around aimlessly in the bushes

Easter Eggs from jennifer on Vimeo

4) A 2 year old can take pictures with strategically placed dinosaurs

Nude but tasteful

5) A 2 year old can run

Here is us at Discovery Green, the new park that just opened up in downtown Houston.

Faster, Better, Stronger

Run from jennifer on Vimeo

6) A 2 year old can handle firearms

I'm not sure how he figured out how a gun should be held? or what it does? But here is Vince trying to bust a cap on Nate Goldberg. He looks a bit maniacal. Should I be concerned?

7) A 2 year old can be in love with this person (ugh)

8) A 2 yr old can embarrass his father

I won't embed directly here for the sake of public decency. But click here for a video of Vincent accidentally pulling down his papa's shorts at the Galleria


Saturday, April 19, 2008


Another poop story

Warning - if you have trouble talking openly and freely about poop, then I would recommend just skipping down to the pictures

Poop. It smells. Its gross. It smells. It's a strangely powerful symbol of a parents love.

So I'm giving Vince a bath, much like any evening. But tonight he decides to surprise me with a little gift. He can say "papa, poo poo potty". (He can't actually drop a deuce in the toilet yet, but he says that when he's feeling stuff starting to move around). Tonight he says something wierd like "papa, soap". Or maybe it was "papa, I think something's about to happen here". Either way, I ignored him, since I didnt here the magic words of "poo poo potty". So I turn back to the tub to find him sitting next to a big mess, for lack of a better word.

Now this isnt the first time this has happened. Fortunately, on previous occasions the poops kind of looked like this. ie quick and easy clean up. Tonight, the poop looked closer to this. Ugh. Oh well.

Here's some non-poop related pictures

Kind of looks like me. Replace blue cap with burnt orange cap. Replace water bottle with Shiner. Replace food stains on shirt with....well ok that one is dead on.

Yeah, papa still can't stay in the lines

Vince and his cousins. I think this is when Auntie Alice was in town for a visit

Roberto Jr's 1st Birthday Party.

Vincent in Austin. Check out the wicked bruise on his forehead

Vince in Zilker Park. We forgot to pack a bucket and shovel. Vince improvised

Untitled from jennifer on Vimeo


Saturday, March 01, 2008


Chiles still can't throw

We took Vince to his (and my) first Horns spring practice. The weather could not have been better. Vince enjoyed running around in the grass with Luke Svoboda. Later they discussed the flaws in John Chiles throwing motion and whether Roy Miller would best be used as a nose or a three technique.

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Later that day we drove down to San Antonio to visit Dan's cats and enjoyed what was quite possibly the greatest hamburger ever created at this place. We also strolled around the shops at la cantera where Vince enjoyed some ice cream.

Also Vincent met a zebra.

Untitled from jennifer on Vimeo

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Untitled from jennifer on Vimeo

Monday, February 18, 2008


another post?

Yes crazy. So you might be asking, why all the new posts all of a sudden? Well.. I took a vacation day to run errands and take care of a few things that can really only be done during the work week. But of course that is the precise moment that Vince decides to get a 104F temperature. And to top it off, Vince's mom decides that since Vince was sick, she might as well get sick too.

As such, I was stuck at the house taking care of a sick kid, and a sick grown person. Since they were asleep most of the time, it left me some time to blog.

On a side note, we took Vince to the doctor regarding his fever. And while sitting in the waiting room, he pukes all over me. Of course we have a change of clothes for him, but I had nothing. Jen ran downstairs to the gift shop to find a T-shirt for me. Of course this is all they had. Don't even ask how much she paid for it.

Anyway here are some new Vincent promotional videos.

Vince eating cheerios as only he can. Yummy indeed

cheerios from jennifer on Vimeo.

Below is general foolishness. Not to be confused with Colonel Sanders.

foolishness from jennifer on Vimeo.

Chloe's mom and dad were interviewed by the local tv station. Good chance for them to pimp their new business. See if you can find Chloe. And if you are really smart, see if you can find a near appearance by Vincent

Dream Dinners on ABC 13 from The Dots on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


El update grande

delinquent - adjective - failing in what duty requires; "derelict (or delinquent) in his duty"; "neglectful of his duties";

Hello to the 3 or 4 of you that are still checking this blog. Its been quite some time since I've actually written something of significance here. What have we been doing the past few months. Not much, except for the 2 weeks we spent on the other side of the planet in November. More to come on that

Broken down into months for easy reading.

Quick trip to Dallas to see Grandma and Grandpa. Here is Vincent and Grandpa at the splash park.

Vincent goes to his first Longhorn tailgate. Horns beat TCU that night. No comment on the rest of the season.

Auntie Vanessa visits from Manilla. Kind of a big deal, since getting a visa from that part of the world is like winning the lottery. Just a short trip, but you'll see more of auntie later down the page

For Halloween Vincent went dressed as Toby Maguire

Lets skip for now

After our exhausting November, we spent a very quiet and low key Christmas. Mostly quiet nights with friends and family. The Svobodas came into town for a visit. Luke and Vince decided they wanted to ride Vince's toy cop motorcycle.....together. This reminded of a very disturbing episode of CHiPs that I probably (even more disturbingly) just imagined.

Also congrats to the Benos.

Back to

Ahh yes...the trip. We spent the last few weeks in Nov, visiting family in the Philippines and in Taiwan. Anyone else traveled internationally with a 17 month old?
I'll paste just a few pictures below, but if you want to see all of the pictures click here


Some Notes
1) Portable DVD player. I thougt that we overpaid for this thing, but it was worth every single green dollar that we spent on it.
2) The trip. 16 hr flight, 2 layovers, 30 hours total travel time. No need to sugarcoat how hard this part of the trip is. But Vincent did extremely well. The DVD player and a bag full of snacks and toys was the key. He threw a fit on the last hour of the trip. We couldnt have asked for anything more.
3) The jetlag. not too bad for the grown folks. Horrible for Vince. Again the DVD player was a life saver.
4) Life in Auntie's city - Shopping malls, no car seat required, screaming with Kuya Josh. Fun
5) Life on Grandma's farm - too many cousins to play with. Too many goats to slaughter. Too much Karaoke to sing. Too many San Mig Lights. Fun.
6) Life on Grandpa's Beach - breezy. relaxing. San Miguel. Papa ate a
duck embryo. Fun.
7) Life in Great Grandma's big city - survived a typhoon. Vincent got kicked out of an R Rated movie. fun.

Manilla Philippines (Auntie's city)

Cagayan Philippines (Grandma's farm)

Siquijor Phillipines (Grandpa's Beach)

TAIPEI (Great Grandma's Big City)

Whew...that was long one. later

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